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India Classified - A show about the secrets of India and the truth surrounding the myths. The show explores 'Not everything is what it seems to be' and keeps a scientific intellect while doing so. Find out more about the hidden truth about customs, rituals, scientific theories, the architecture of ancient temples, and much more.

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In 7000 BC, Rishi Bhardwaj's Vaimanika Shastra detailed the descriptions of several aeroplanes. He based them on changes in the ecosystem (winter, summer, etc.). In his texts we find different types of Vimanas- Mantrik, Tantrik, Kritika, etc. For example, Sundar Viman relied on solar energy, gas engines, furnace pipes. Shakun Viman used special metal which made it heat resistant. In 2017, an American Aeronautical Engineer, Travis Taylor, technically proved the sage's designs. He said the designs are perfectly aerodynamic. So did airplanes rule the skies thousands of years ago?


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Mihir Joshi

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Aayush Mehra

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Dhruv Lau

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